QxStack Ubuntu OpenStack Edition

A Proven HA Architecture with Faster Time-to-Value

QCT introduces QxStack Ubuntu OpenStack Edition, a converged cloud solution powered by The Canonical Distribution of Ubuntu OpenStack. It provides pools of compute, storage, and networking resources with HA, cost efficiency, reliability, scalability, and faster time-to-value. Furthermore, with MAAS and Juju, customers can deploy OpenStack services in days.

Upgrade with Higher Computing Performance

Enable an HA OpenStack Reference Architecture

Most companies hesitate about OpenStack and don’t even know how to start with OpenStack. QxStack delivers the fastest and reliable way to build an OpenStack cloud with the verified and thoroughly tested architecture. The HA architecture dramatically reduces time and risk associated with your OpenStack cloud projects.

Upgrade with Higher Computing Performance

Deploy Clouds in a Day through Ubuntu OpenStack MAAS and Juju

Deploying OpenStack consumes time. By leveraging Ubuntu OpenStack MAAS and Juju, you can literally go from bare metal to a well-configured OpenStack cloud in a day. MAAS can dynamically provision hardware nodes while Juju can orchestrate services in seconds.

Easily Scale Out with Modular Services

QxStack Ubuntu OpenStack can scale resources up or down without infrastructure re-engineering. Its scalability derives from the modular design on service. Each compute or compute-storage node serves as the expansion unit to scale out your resources. It significantly streamlines the cloud operations at scale in production.

Agilely Activate Innovations

Instead of using proprietary expensive SAN storage, QxStack Ubuntu OpenStack utilizes distributed software-driven storage, and can be deployed in a hyper converged compute-storage architecture, which largely improves utilization of hardware resources. The solution also supports SDN and container technology. These innovations provide flexibility to construct a production cloud that meets IT and business requirements.

Lower CAPEX and OPEX through One-Stop Shop

QCT provides the complete product line and services from server, storage, network to rack and cloud solutions, and has considerable expertise in each component of the architecture. QxStack simplifies procurement and installation complexity and lowers the operating cost through one-stop shop. With QCT, you can fulfill all your OpenStack cloud vision under one roof.

QxStack Ubuntu OpenStack Edition delivers three models QS-100 All-In-One, QS-200 High-Density and QS-300 Rack for different demand and IT environments.


QS-100 All-In-One




STRATOS S910-X31E (9-Node)

Ideal for experiencing and testing OpenStack

  • A complete OpenStack HA architecture in an energy efficient 3U Microserver
  • Suitable for lighter workload and OA systems
  • Support up to 40VMs*
Role ProcessorRAMStorage**
MAAS 1 node 1 x Intel® Xeon® processor
E3-1241 v3(4Core, 8HT)
32GB 2 x 600 GB
Controller 3 nodes 1 x Intel® Xeon® processor
E3-1241 v3(4Core, 8HT)
32GB 2 x 600 GB
Compute-Storage 5 nodes 1 x Intel® Xeon® processor
E3-1241 v3(4Core, 8HT)
32GB 4 x 600 GB
Networking - Each node with 1GbE dual ports
- Built-in switch on the system with 10GbE SFP+ dual ports

QS-200 High-Density




QuantaPlex T41S-2U (2 sets)

Highest density of a resource pool

  • Ideal for regional office and branch office, and small enterprise
  • 2U 4-node server featuring highest computing density
  • Support up to 200VMs*
Role ProcessorRAMStorage**
MAAS 1 node 2 x Intel® Xeon® processor
E5-2630 v3(8Core, 16HT)
64GB 2 x 600 GB
Controller 3 nodes 2 x Intel® Xeon® processor
E3-2670 v3(12Core, 24HT)
128GB 2 x 600 GB
Compute-Storage 4 nodes 2 x Intel® Xeon® processor
E5-2670 v3(12Core, 24HT)
(max 512GB)
2 x 600 GB
4 x 2TB
Networking 10GbE ports switch

QS-300 Rack

QS-300 is designed for hyperscale with rack level OpenStack architecture. In addition to the following recommended spec based on standard rack configuration, QS-300 can be also deployed in Open Compute Project hardware, QCT Rackgo X F06A/F06D, highly dense server with 4 nodes in 2 OU (open unit) space.




QuantaGrid D51B-1U/2U

  • Full-featured design for demanding storage and computing workload
  • Up to 768GB memories
  • 2U twelve 3.5" or twenty-four 2.5" drives for Compute-Storage nodes
  • More than four 10GbE LAN ports for high redundancy
  • Support up to 500VMs*
Role ProcessorRAMStorage**
MAAS 1 node 2 x Intel® Xeon® processor
E5-2630 v3 (8Core, 16HT)
64GB 2 x 600 GB
Controller 3 nodes 2 x Intel® Xeon® processor
E5-2670 v3 (12Core, 24HT)
128GB 2 x 600 GB
Compute 9 nodes 2 x Intel® Xeon® processor
E5-2670 v3 (12Core, 24HT)
(max 768GB)
2 x 600 GB
Storage 3 nodes 2 x Intel® Xeon® processor
E5-2630 v3 (8Core, 16HT)
64GB 12 x 3TB
Networking 10GbE ports switch


* VM with medium flavor: 2vCPU, 4GB RAM, 50GB disk space
** Optional to replace 2 SATA/SAS HDD of boot OS with SSD in MAAS, Controller, Compute-Storage and Compute nodes.

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