QxData Cloudera Solution

Simplify and Accelerate Deployment of Apache Hadoop

Today, big data tends to be widely distributed and largely unstructured. Hadoop, the core technology of big data analytics, works by breaking data into pieces and assigning each "piece" to a specific cluster node for analysis. Apache Hadoop is an open-source solution framework that supports data-intensive distributed applications on large clusters of industrial standard hardware.

Upgrade with Higher Computing Performance

What QCT | Cloudera Solution Can Offer

QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology) is a global datacenter solution provider extending the power of hyperscale datacenter design in standard and open SKUs to datacenter customers. 

Cloudera was found in 2008 to deliver the first enterprise-class implementation of Apahe Hadoop.

QCT has collaborated with Cloudera to develop a reference architecture that provides a solution to overcome the above challenges so that business can manage and analyze big data without spending excessive time on operations and maintenance. With the QCT|Cloudera Apahe Hadoop Solution, an enterprise can adopt Apache Hadoop with minimal effort.



  • Providing visibility for administrators and analysts to secure, govern, and explore the large amounts of diverse data that land in Hadoop. Cloudera adds Enterprise ready features to provide end-to-end data lineage.
  • ŸDeploying the appropriate Hadoop software distribution, fully tested and enterprise ready.
  • ŸProviding employees access to data so that they can make more informed business decisions.
  • ŸFinding a solution that is scalable and agile to support the growth of their business.

Upgrade with Higher Computing Performance


QCT Big Data Building Blocks
Master Node

Data Node
Servers (3) QuantaGrid D51B-1U (8) QuantaGrid D51PH-1ULH
Processor (6) Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2660 v4 (16) Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2660 v4
Software CentOS 7.2 CentOS 7.2
Memory (72) 16GB DDR4 (128) 16GB DDR4

10GB Ethernet (dual ports)

  1. QuantaMesh T3048-LY8, 48/10Gb,4/40Gb,
  2. QuantaMesh T1048-LB9, 48 10/100/1000BASE-T and 4 1/10Gbe SFP+ ports

10GB Ethernet (dual ports)

  1. QuantaMesh T3048-LY8, 48/10Gb,4/40Gb,
  2. QuantaMesh T1048-LB9, 48 10/100/1000BASE-T and 4 1/10Gbe SFP+ ports
Storage (6) SSD SATA 800GB
(24) 2.5” SAS 12G 10KRPM 1.8TB
(16) SSD SATA 800GB
(96) 3.5” SAS 12G 7.2KRPM 4TB

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