GPGPU/Xeon Phi


  • QuantaPlex S41T-2U

    The Game-Changing Xeon Phi™ Server that Redefines HPC Infrastructure

    • Exascale with Optional Infiniband Mezzanine
    • Up to One Thousand Parallel Threads Running within 2U Chassis
    • Incredible Power and Cost Efficiency with the All-integrated Xeon Phi™ Processor Architecture
    • High Density and Easy Service 2U 4-node System
  • STRATOS S210-X2A2J


    • 支持多达四个英伟达GPUs 或四个 Intel® Xeon Phi™协处理器
    • 提供强大的高度并行应用性能
    • 端至端56GB/s InfiniBand网络
    • 前端接入的热插拔风扇,便于维修保养