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HDD disorder in Linux OS

The HDD sequence depends on storage controller . After booting up, the first HDD responds to system will be named sda, the second HDD responds to system will be named sdb … etc. It is possible to get different sequence on each boot. Linux may resolve this symptom with multiple Persistent block device naming schemes : by UUID, path, or label.

Product Model
STRATOS S210-X12RS STRATOS S215-X22KQ STRATOS S200-X22TQ STRATOS S210-X22RQ STRATOS S400-X44E QuantaGrid Q71L-4U QSSC-S4R STRATOS S210-X2A2J STRATOS S810-X52L (4-Node) STRATOS S910-X31E (9-Node) STRATOS S910-X31B (9-Node) STRATOS S900-X31A F06A F03C JBFA X700 X500 X300