Memory detect issue.

System memory only can detect 4GB under RHEL5 x86 when install over 4G memory,but RHELAS5.1_x32/x64 and RHELAS5_x64 is ok.

It is caused by the limitatio of OS. >Here has more detailed information

Product Model
STRATOS S210-X12RS STRATOS S215-X22KQ STRATOS S200-X22TQ STRATOS S210-X22RQ STRATOS S400-X44E QuantaGrid Q71L-4U QSSC-S4R STRATOS S210-X2A2J STRATOS S810-X52L (4-Node) STRATOS S910-X31E (9-Node) STRATOS S910-X31B (9-Node) STRATOS S900-X31A F06A F03C