Rackgo X Yosemite Valley

High-Density 2U12N Compact OCP 1S Server

  • New Generation Platform with enhanced performance
  • Multi-Host Networking Aggregation
  • Ultra-Dense Chassis Design
  • Open Rack v2 Compatible

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High-Density 2U12N Compact OCP 1S Server

The Yosemite Valley is an ultra-dense next generation compute solution created in tandem by a close collaboration between QCT and Facebook. This condensed system employs the latest power-efficient Intel®Xeon® D-1500 processor and up to 128GB of DDR4 memory per node. Hosting 12 dense computing power nodes enables this inventive design to be the complete front-end server system, while still excelling at a variety of other workloads including network routing, wireless base stations, industrial Internet of Things, dynamic web serving and more. The Yosemite Valley is an essential solution to optimize infrastructure density, cost savings, and reduce environmental impact.

The innovative architecture of the Yosemite Valley utilizes a Mellanox aggregated CX4-LX network card to link four compute nodes for multi-host networking. This networking solution allows configuration for four separate 10G Ethernet connectivity or a single 40G connectivity for application flexibility. This multi-host networking solution reduces the LAN cards required compared to a single-host network setup, resulting in significant savings, improved manageability, reduced latency while still maintaining the same bandwidth.

The Yosemite Valley features a uniform modular design concept with a compartment-design enclosure that allows flexible swapping of any compute or storage module. This enclosure is installed on the Open Rack v2 frame that utilizes a centralized power shelf to deliver all necessary power to each system in the rack through a singular bus bar to better optimize, economize and reduce CAPEX. The rack frame architecture and enclosure is developed to support future hardware solutions to ensure maximum usage of data center infrastructure investments. When upgrading hardware, simply swap any obsolete module with next generation modules.

Press Release & News
  • Open Compute Pioneer QCT Showcases Open Rack v2 Systems at OCP U.S. Summit
  • CB-EU
  • CE-EU
  • EAC
  • RHEL-5.10RHEL6.5RHEL7.0
  • WEEE-Mark
Processor Type
Intel®Xeon® processor D-1500 product family
Max. TDP Support
Number of Processors
1 Processor
Internal Interconnect
9.6 / 8.0 / 6.4 GT/s
L3 Cache
Up to 24MB
Form Factor
Form Factor
12 Nodes
2 OU
(Open Rack)
(1) SATA M.2 connector per node
W x H x D (inch)
21.14 x 3.67 x 33.58
W x H x D (mm)
537 x 93.2 x 853
Intel®Xeon® processor D-1500 SoC chipset
Total Slots
(per node)
Up to 128GB of memory for RDIMM per node
Memory Type
2133/1866/1600/1333 MHz DDR4 RDIMM
Memory Size
Front I/O
Front I/O
(1) Aggregated Mellanox CX4-LX Multi-host network card per sled
Storage Controller
Intel®Xeon® processor D-1500 SoC controller
Onboard Storage
Onboard Storage
(1) SATA M.2 connector per node
(2) Single rotor fan per sled
Integrated AST2400 with 8MB DDR3 video memory
System Management
System Management
IPMI v2.0 Compliant, on board "KVM over IP" support
Quanta Datacenter Manager 2.0/QDCM 2.0 (Optional)
Operating Environment
Operating Environment
Operating temperature: -5°C to 35°C (23°F to 95°F)
Non-operating temperature: -40°C to 65°C (-40°F to 149°F)
Operating relative humidity: 20% to 85% RH
Non-operating relative humidity: 40% to 90% RH
With TPM 1.2/ 2.0 Option
Rack Compatible
Rack Compatible
Open Rack v2

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