QCT Solutions

  • QxData Database Solution for Microsoft SQL

    Validated Microsoft DWFT (Data Warehouse Fast Track) Solution

    • QxData Database solution for Microsoft SQL completed with Microsoft Data Warehouse Fast Track (DWFT) benchmark, can ensure the customer pre-tuned, fast query database performance that is optimized running intensive query workloads and validated by Microsoft.
  • QxSmart HPC/DL Solution

    Build Your HPC Environment with QCT Optimized Software Tools and Application

    • Quanta Cloud Technology launches a cutting-edge High Performance Computing (HPC) / Deep Learning (DL) solution with integration of adaptive hardware, software tools and vertical applications. This unique HPC/DL solution combines QCT’s best-in-class infrastructure with high bandwidth technology and adopted file system, to provide scalable cluster architecture with outstanding performance for supercomputing users. It delivers optimized applications and pre-validated common open source or commercial tools to simplify software deployment and management. The QxSmart HPC/DL solution is a fast and reliable way to build a High Performance Computing environment, extremely reduces time and risks to implement projects.
  • QxStor VMware Edition-vSAN ReadyNode™

    Flexible Virtualization Architecture to Fulfill Your Workload Solutions

    • QxStor VMware Edition-vSAN ReadyNodeTM(VRN) is a pre-validated solution integrating various product lines, QCT servers, and VMware leading virtualization software to fit your demands with different use cases and scenarios. QxStor VMware Edition-VRN helps you fully utilize not only computing but also storage resources by breaking traditional storage and silos. It also promotes simplicity, agility, manageability and lowers TCO when building clouds.
  • QxStack with Red Hat OpenStack Platform

    Validated OpenStack Solution with QxStack Auto-Deployment Tool

    • QxStack with Red Hat OpenStack Platform combines Red Hat software, QxStack Auto-Deployment tool and QCT hardware to give enterprises and service providers a highly available OpenStack cloud that’s easy to deploy, manage and scale.
  • QxStack powered by VMware Cloud Foundation

    Easiest Way to Build and Operate a Software-Define Data Center (SDDC) Private Cloud

    • QxStack powered by VMware Cloud Foundation is a fully interoperable solution that provides customers with the easiest way to build and run an SDDC private cloud. The solution is delivered with pre-qualified hardware provided by QCT and VMware’s Cloud Foundation software. This SDDC-based integrated system is ideal for enterprises and service providers focused on greater simplicity, faster time-to-value, enhanced security and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • QxStack VMware Edition-HC

    Hyper-converged Infrastructure IaaS Solution for High Performance Workloads

    • QxStack VMware Edition-HC, a hyper-converged Infrastructure appliance, is suitable for high-performance workloads, powered by VMware virtualization software. It uses 2U 4-node server to create an easy-to-deploy building block for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)